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Useful or Useless?

Identifying The Business Case For IoT There are many different IoT products.  Determining whether they belong in the workplace can be challenging.  These technologies can make a job easier, but if not compatible with your workspace, can cause more of a headache.  James McPhail, CEO of Zen Ecosystems, speaks on the subject on Forbes Technology Council! "As mass market adoption of internet of things  (IoT) devices continues to expand, understanding which ones can benefit your business becomes even more critical. While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the IoT noise, there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about the implications of increased connectivity." Read the full article on Forbes Technology Council by clicking here! Interested in a smart thermostat for your business?  Click here!

17 July, 2018


3 Money-Saving Energy Products: 2018

Products that save Money And Energy! Zen HQ was chosen as one of this year's BUILDINGS 2018 Money-Saving Products by providing a simple, cost-effective solution to energy management! "Energy management is trending all around the globe. Today, facilities managers and building owners like you are focusing more than ever on energy conservation. At the heart of it, using the right energy products in your facility not only lessens environmental impact but are also cost-effective." Read the full article here!

04 June, 2018


HVAC Upgrades: Justification via Life Cycle Analysis

04 June, 2018

Press Release

Jon Wellinghoff, Energy Pioneer and Former FERC Chairman, Named Independent Advisor to Zen Ecosystems

01 June, 2018


10 Challenges To Think About When Upgrading From Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems With the improvement of technology, a lot of business' are finding that they must upgrade from their legacy systems.  It is important to keep certain challenges in mind when looking to upgrade. James McPhail, CEO of Zen Ecosystems, speaks on one the challenges, along with peers. "For many entrepreneurs, their businesses were built on what would now be considered legacy hardware and software. It can be tough to part with it if alternatives haven't been thought of or if an entrepreneur is reluctant to change the way something has always been done. But in business, it's essential to move forward and upgrade to newer technology that best suits a business's needs." For the full article on Forbes Technology Council, click here!

01 June, 2018


Gold Stevie Award Winner

Energy Industry Innovation of the year! We at Zen Ecosystems are honored to have been selected as the Gold Stevie Award winner for Energy Industry Innovation of the year! Zen HQ and Zen Thermostat were both recognized for being a simple energy management solution for businesses of all sizes. Highlights from the judges: "Great accomplishments and strides in innovation. In 2017, the company bought significant energy management capabilities to the commercial realm with low-cost software tools f to manage the worst energy offenders in a facility: HVAC and lighting. This company made it on Fast Company's the Top 10 list of Most Innovative Companies in Energy for 2018 and Energy Manager Today recognized the company with a Product of the Year award. The company also achieved Nationwide rollout cross 360 National Stores retail locations, resulting in energy bill savings of more than 25%."

18 May, 2018


How IoT Devices Enable Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance and Smart Thermostats Using the right IoT devices can help you predict required maintenance.  The data can give insight on how well your equipment is running or if there may be an issue with your machine. “A thermostat can provide ambient temperature for the space and runtime data to show you how much the thermostat has to run to keep up with setpoints,” McPhail says. “The way to get the most out of the [Industrial Internet of Things] space is by adding other components – for instance, a thermostat plus a return air sensor. Then go a step further and incorporate real-time energy monitoring devices as well.” For the full article on Buildings Media, click here!

17 May, 2018


TechView: Zen Ecosystems Q&A

10 May, 2018

Zen News

Australian smart thermostat company wins CEFC backing

30 April, 2018


Here’s Where Hotels Spend the Most on Energy

Hotels and Energy Costs It is no surprise that hotels use a lot of energy.  However, it may be shocking to find that 45% of that energy usage is due to HVAC and lighting.  Taking control of the energy usage and cutting the energy waste can lead to a higher profit margin. “Our goal with this series is to highlight the unique energy use challenges for each sector and provide context for how facility stakeholders can better manage energy use,” Zen Ecosystems CEO James McPhail says. “The first step in that process is identifying the biggest energy drains that can be controlled.” To check out the full break down of energy use, click here!

24 April, 2018