Energy management systems always seemed like they weren’t worth the hassle.

Zen HQ impressed us with its fast deployment and real return on investment.

– Energy Manager, National Stores


Zen HQ was designed with our customers’ needs in mind. A service that both supports sustainability goals and increases efficiency by centralizing energy control, Zen HQ optimize your heating, cooling, and lighting schedules based on your operating hours and customer traffic.

Energy Savings

Reducing energy waste has never been simpler. Remotely set schedules for HVAC and lighting at a single site, regionally, or nationally to ensure optimal use of energy without disrupting business operations and guest comfort. Minimize on-site temperature tampering with full or partial lockouts. Access real-time energy data to evaluate and identify potential cost reduction opportunities. 


With our Zen HQ platform, our customers can automatically begin using cleaner energy. Take advantage of when energy is more affordable and the grid is greenest. Use less energy when demand and price skyrocket, without any effort. Zen HQ can manage your sustainability initiatives as well as provide detailed impact reports that help you share the impact of your effort with others. Learn more about Zen HQ.