How To Demand Demand Response
How To Demand Demand Response
27 March, 2018
Demand response and savings

It is easier to participate in a demand response program than you may think. These programs are for both residential and commercial utility customers. Not only do these programs allow for energy savings but it can also help lower your utility bill.

“The energy seesaw of supply and demand is a wild ride for both utilities and businesses, as utilities constantly balance customer needs with production capabilities. When an incident or condition disrupts that balance and leaves a forecasted supply deficit, electric grid operators have historically had only two tough options — bring online additional, often costly generation capacity, or neglect to meet demand by instituting blackouts. Demand response represents a third alternative grounded in a more cooperative mentality: providing incentives to customers to cut their demand or to bring on additional grid capacity when the demand for electricity exceeds its existing supply. Demand response frees up or adds to the electrical capacity so that it can continue meeting the needs of other users.”

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