Australian Businesses Set to Save on Summer Power Bills
Australian Businesses Set to Save on Summer Power Bills
13 December, 2017
Zen HQ launch in Australia

Michael Joffe talks about how Zen HQ is a great asset to Australian Businesses in Business Franchise Australia. Because of the success in the US, Zen Ecosystems has launched Zen HQ, an energy management platform, in Australia.  Zen HQ can help save Australians energy and cut energy costs.

“Our system puts an end to thermostat wars between individual store managers and staff jockeying with the thermostat setting throughout the day. Our centrally-controlled system allows for all stores to be heated or cooled at a nominated temperature, and regulated or switched off outside of business hours,” Mr. Joffe said.

“We know from our experiences in the US that this has the potential to save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. After just one month of using our thermostat system, businesses were saving 25 to 35 percent off their store power bill.”

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