Gold Stevie Award Winner
Gold Stevie Award Winner
18 May, 2018
Energy Industry Innovation of the year!

We at Zen Ecosystems are honored to have been selected as the Gold Stevie Award winner for Energy Industry Innovation of the year! Zen HQ and Zen Thermostat were both recognized for being a simple energy management solution for businesses of all sizes.

Highlights from the judges:

“Great accomplishments and strides in innovation. In 2017, the company bought significant energy management capabilities to the commercial realm with low-cost software tools f to manage the worst energy offenders in a facility: HVAC and lighting. This company made it on Fast Company’s the Top 10 list of Most Innovative Companies in Energy for 2018 and Energy Manager Today recognized the company with a Product of the Year award. The company also achieved Nationwide rollout cross 360 National Stores retail locations, resulting in energy bill savings of more than 25%.”