Hotel Energy Hacks: Improving Operations With Effective Technologies
Hotel Energy Hacks: Improving Operations With Effective Technologies
16 August, 2018
Hotel Energy Saving Hacks

It is no surprise that hotels use up a lot of energy.  There are a lot of ways that hotels can save energy just by making simple changes and yet still keep their guests comfortable.

“Technology has impacted nearly every aspect of our modern lives, including how we travel and where we choose to stay for business and pleasure. As with so many other industries, the hospitality sector must adapt to meet changing customer preferences. Drastic shifts in guest expectations are encouraging hoteliers to seek cost-saving measures to balance out adding newly desired features.

As emerging technologies impact customer demands, other elements of our connected ecosystem can be leveraged for basic operational improvements to achieve those cost savings. Business leaders are uniquely positioned to see both sides of the hotel energy management challenge. As hotel guests, comfort is top of mind, but the bottom-line benefits of an energy management system (EMS) are also easy to understand. Hotel decision makers are already implementing basic efficiency upgrades like LED lighting, and holistic energy management systems are an important next step for saving even more energy while also increasing guest comfort and reducing operating costs.”

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