Affordable and easy HVAC systems for hotels

Guest comfort is of the utmost importance and managing the temperature to guests’ satisfaction in both rooms and common areas can be a challenging job. Zen HQ allows for easy-to-use remote management of smart thermostats, providing flexible lockouts, easy scheduling and powerful reporting to give your hotel energy management system an unprecedented level of control.

Manage meeting room temperatures remotely

With Zen HQ, remotely monitor and manage meeting room temperatures easily, without ever visiting a meeting room. View ambient temperatures and set schedules to cool or heat before meeting attendees arrive and turn off HVAC systems once they leave. Also, respond immediately to guest requests for temperature changes without having to disrupt their meeting – all from Zen HQ’s powerful hotel energy saving user interface. See Zen HQ’s Features.

Prevent over-cooling in guest rooms

HVAC for hotels has a unique set of issues. With guests in control of in-room heating and air conditioning, units may be set lower than needed or left on from one guest check-in to the next, resulting in unnecessary energy waste and wear and tear on units. With Zen HQ, view current temperature and change settings as needed for empty rooms – without the need to visit the room. Zen HQ also allows you to set partial lockouts to prevent cooling below minimum standard temperatures, giving your guests flexibility to manage their comfort without damaging air conditioner units. See Zen HQ’s Features.

Keep cool in common areas

From the lobby to the bar, to the gym and the kitchen, monitor and control HVAC units all from your computer using Zen HQ. Prevent thermostat tampering without lockboxes, view out-of-tolerance temperatures that may prevent guest comfort, and make adjustments as needed right from the Zen HQ platform. See Zen HQ’s Features.

Control lighting from the same simple platform

For enhanced control of building systems and even more hotel energy savings, add lighting controls to the Zen HQ platform to manage HVAC and lighting all in one place. Set lighting schedules, turn out lights and manage lighting in meeting rooms and common areas without ever visiting. See Zen HQ’s Features.