Schedule thermostats and lighting to prevent wasted energy and unnecessary maintenance. With Zen HQ, group thermostats according to your business needs, then apply schedules by group to keep building occupants comfortable but energy costs controlled.  Schedule lighting to turn on, off, or dim, depending on the needs of your business.   Use one of our energy-optimizing scheduling templates or choose your own; customized in intervals as short as 15 minutes. Easily override schedules for holidays or other events with just a click.


Prevent on-site deviations to set thermostat and lighting schedules by taking advantage of Zen HQ’s lockout feature. Take total control of thermostat settings with full lockouts, which require an on-site PIN to be overridden, or set up a partial lockout to allow for thermostat changes within a pre-set temperature range to allow for greater occupant comfort.


Access lucrative utility incentives when you enroll to cut your facility energy use during times of peak electric grid demand. Zen HQ is OpenADR certified and integrated with multiple utilities for built-in participation in demand response incentive programs. There’s no additional hardware or software required; all you have to do is allow the utility to adjust your thermostat when power is most in demand. The Zen HQ platform notifies you of an active demand response event and displays it on your thermostat schedule.


Zen HQ provides valuable business insights that help curb and control energy usage. View HVAC and lighting utilization and settings in real-time. Integrate with utility data (where available) to review your billing and electricity usage data. Or, add electric panel energy monitoring to provide an inside view of the energy used by each unit and devices in your facility to help you take charge and conserve.


Zen HQ is flexible to customize based on your facility needs. No matter your building use, occupants, business type, and goals, Zen HQ can be configured with the right devices to control your building systems.  Choose to implement HVAC controls, lighting controls, or both.  Then, choose to increase your ROI with add-ons like Encycle Swarm Logic® to better manage HVAC-related peak demand charges.  Zen HQ provides a single, powerful platform to integrate your building systems for increased ability to manage your systems your way.