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NFMT 2018

We will be showcasing Zen HQ, our energy management solution at the National Facilities Management & Technology Conference in Baltimore, Maryland from March 20-22, 2018.

14 March, 2018


2018 Trend: Energy Management Is Heating Up Across Commercial Businesses

Commercial businesses and adopting energy management strategy More and more commercial businesses are adopting an energy management strategy.  2018 is expected to be a huge year for implementing these strategies.  But why are so many companies just now taking advantage of energy management systems?  James McPhail spoke on the subject in Forbes Technology. "The manufacturing and industrial sectors have traditionally been leaders in energy management strategies. For these types of facilities, energy use has an obvious impact on the cost of operations, and management understands a strong energy management strategy is key to overall business success. Utilities have also historically offered these big energy users better incentives to curtail electricity use during periods of peak electricity demand. Now, businesses with smaller, multisite facilities are increasingly choosing to optimize their energy use to realize the benefits of energy management technologies." Check out the full article here!

06 March, 2018


RFMA - Phoenix, AZ

01 March, 2018


Nine Big Workplace Changes Enabled By Ubiquitous Voice-Powered Technology

22 February, 2018


Fast Company Names Zen Ecosystems One of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Energy

The most innovative companies have been named! The easy to use solutions, Zen HQ and Zen Thermostat, set itself apart from competitors. As a result, Zen Ecosystems has secured a spot in the top 10 innovative companies in the energy sector for 2018 amongst other major names. "We're honored to receive this prestigious award from Fast Company, and to be ranked alongside other innovators working to make our energy systems more sustainable," said Zen Ecosystems CEO, James McPhail. "We continue to pursue our goal of providing simple and effective intelligent energy management systems to our expanding consumer and business markets." To read the article, Click Here. To view the rankings from Fast Company, Click Here.

21 February, 2018


Australian Businesses Set to Save on Summer Power Bills

Zen HQ launch in Australia Michael Joffe talks about how Zen HQ is a great asset to Australian Businesses in Business Franchise Australia. Because of the success in the US, Zen Ecosystems has launched Zen HQ, an energy management platform, in Australia.  Zen HQ can help save Australians energy and cut energy costs. “Our system puts an end to thermostat wars between individual store managers and staff jockeying with the thermostat setting throughout the day. Our centrally-controlled system allows for all stores to be heated or cooled at a nominated temperature, and regulated or switched off outside of business hours,” Mr. Joffe said. “We know from our experiences in the US that this has the potential to save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. After just one month of using our thermostat system, businesses were saving 25 to 35 percent off their store power bill.” Check out the article here!

13 December, 2017


Five Questions to Ask When Considering Automated Demand Response for Facility

Importance of understanding automated demand response. James McPhail speaks on the importance of asking the right questions when it comes to automated demand response. "Residential demand response programs are growing in popularity -- smart thermostats and other technology innovations are making it easier to participate in programs that ultimately benefit both customers and the utility. Residents reduce their energy bills while maintaining control over their home’s comfort, and utilities increase reliability by reducing strain on the grid." "By asking the right questions from the beginning, building and facility managers can forge the best path forward to taking advantage of ADR’s clear benefits." Click here to read the article!

09 November, 2017


Bottom Line And Beyond: Smarter Commercial Energy Management

07 November, 2017

Zen News

Zen and the Art of Demand Response

13 October, 2017


Smart Energy Management Trends for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Energy Management in Retail James McPhail, CEO of Zen Ecosystems, speaks on newest trends in retail energy management.  Because more and more consumers are purchasing items online, retailers look to improve the in-store experience.  Cutting costs in energy management allow retailers to invest more into operations. "Commercial retail is a unique and rapidly changing space. With the rise of online shopping, retailers are creatively adapting to improve the experience of being in a physical store. Strategies like experiential retail make shopping a personalized and engaging experience instead of a simple transaction." Check out the article here!

22 September, 2017