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Australian Businesses Set to Save on Summer Power Bills

Michael Joffe talks about how Zen HQ is a great asset to Australian Businesses in Business Franchise Australia. “We know from our experiences in the US that this has the potential to save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. After just one month of using our thermostat system, businesses were saving 25 to 35 per cent off their store power bill.” Check out the article here!

13 December, 2017


Five Questions to Ask When Considering Automated Demand Response for Facility

James McPhail speaks on the importance of asking the right questions when it comes to automated demand response. "By asking the right questions from the beginning, building and facility managers can forge the best path forward to taking advantage of ADR’s clear benefits." Click here to read the article!

09 November, 2017


Bottom Line And Beyond: Smarter Commercial Energy Management

07 November, 2017

Zen News

Zen and the Art of Demand Response

13 October, 2017


Smart Energy Management Trends for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

James McPhail, CEO of Zen Ecosystems, speaks on newest trends in retail energy management. Check out the article here!

22 September, 2017


CEO of Zen Ecosystems talks to LODGING Magazine

Why can’t you just use the same thermostat in a hotel that you use at your home?

20 September, 2017


More Intelligent Energy Management: What Technology Can Learn from Nature

What does energy management technology and nature have in common? The buzz on the street is adaptation.

12 September, 2017


Who are the Right Partners to get you onto More Smart Homes?

12 September, 2017

Zen News

Zen Ecosystems CEO featured in Facilities Executive

Zen Ecosystems' CEO featured in Facilities Executive: Smart Energy Management is the New Status Quo

29 August, 2017


James McPhail to Speak at Grid Edge World Forum

Zen Ecosystems' CEO James McPhail will be participating on the panel at #GridEdge World Forum on June 27, 2017.

14 June, 2017