ZEN Thermostat Installation Guide

Inside the box

Wall mount and main display
2 × wall plugs, 2 × wall screws, 4 × AA batteries, wire label stickers

What you need

Drill and 3mm drill bit
Ball point pen or pencil
Optional: Hammer, Spirit Level

1. Turn off main breaker

Turn off mains power

2. Remove cover from old unit

Remove cover from old unit

3. Safety check

Is your system labeled 120V-240V?
If so, your system is high voltage and is NOT compatible with ZEN.
If you’re unsure, please contact your home automation provider or HVAC installer.

Warning! Extra Low Voltage only. Do not connect to mains voltages.

Do you see thick wires with wire-nuts?
If you do, your system is high voltage and is NOT compatible with ZEN.
If you're unsure, please contact your home automation provider or HVAC installer.

Thick wires

4. Select your existing wires

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Check the boxes below that correspond with the labels on the wire terminals of your old thermostat. You can disregard any links. Do not identify your wires based on colour.

TIP: Take a photo of your existing wiring in case you need additional HVAC support.

Why do you need this?

The way your old thermostat is wired is one of the best guides for how to wire up the Zen thermostat. Correctly identifying the wires that exist ensures that all the functions of your heating and cooling system will be able to be controlled by the Zen thermostat. If you are unsure or your wires terminals are unlabelled please contact your home automation provider or HVAC installer.

We require more information to confirm that Zen thermostat supports the wiring combination you have selected. Please check that you have identified the correct wires, or send us an image of your wiring to support@swannone.com and we'll get back to you with further guidance.

5. Label your existing wires

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TIP: Attach the labels roughly 1in (25mm) away from the end of the wire to make reinsertion easier.

Why do you need this?

Labelling your wires before you remove your old thermostat saves time when installing the Zen thermostat and will be useful if you decide to change or upgrade your heating or cooling system in the future.

6. Disconnect your existing wires

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WARNING: Do not allow wires to fall into wall cavity.

WARNING: Ensure that any wires that will not be reconnected are properly insulated.

Disconnect your existing wires

TIP: Check wires have between
5/16 - 3/8in (8-10mm) exposed core.

Check wires have between 5/16 - 3/8 (8-10mm) exposed core

7. Remove the old unit

Remove the old unit

8. Mark the mounting hole positions

TIP: Use a level to help align the wall plate.
If your previous thermostat was larger, you may chose to use the blanking plate to cover any unsightly areas.

Mark the mounting hole positions

9. Drill the mounting holes

Use a 1/4in (6mm) drill bit if using the wall plugs
Ensure that the wires are kept out of the way when drilling

Drill the mounting holes

10. Attach the wall mount

Attach the wall mount

11. System Types

What type of heating do you have?

Why does heating type matter?

Zen thermostat will be configured to operate in the safest and most efficient manner, which is different for different types of heating systems.

12. Review your wiring diagram & connect your wires

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Simply push the wires into the corresponding holes as shown in the image below.

The white Release Button can be pressed with a pen to make insertion easier or release the wire. You may need to twist the exposed core to help the wires into the holes.

Wire hole and release button

After your wires are connected, make sure they are secure by lightly pulling on them. Ensure the wires are then pushed back and flush with the wall-plate.

13. Check your links

L1 and L2 both removed L2 present, L1 removed L1 and L2 both present L1 present, L2 removed

14. Insert batteries

Insert the 4 x AA batteries supplied with the unit.

Insert batteries

15. The display

When you insert the batteries the first screen you'll see will be the preferences screen.

The display

16. Entering your system code

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Your system code ensures that the thermostat is configured correctly for your system. Press the CONFIG button once to enter configuration mode.

Enter your system code

Your system code

What does this code mean?

This code tells the Zen Thermostat what wires you have connected and what type of heating and cooling system you have.

Center touch to begin configuration.

The system code above has been generated based on your specific system configuration

Touch up or down to find your system code.

Center touch to select. The code will flash to confirm selection.

17. About your system configuration

Your system code tells Zen everything it needs to correctly operate your heating and cooling system.

Your Heating Type:

Your Cooling Type:

Your system have separate fan control

Your system have emergency heating

Your system use a reversing valve to select between heat and cool

Your system COOLS when the reversing valve is turned on

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18. Turn on main breaker

19. Connect to your home network

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If you have a ZigBee enabled home network installed, you can connect this with your Zen thermostat to enable additional functionality such as controlling the temperature of your home with your smartphone.

The connection process can differ between systems, so please refer to the user guide that came with your home network.

Once you’ve set your home network to search for a new device, remove the display from the wall mount and press the NETWORK button 5 times (the thermostat will beep on each button press).

The wireless icon wireless icon will start flashing when pairing with your home network. Once connected it will stop flashing and remain illuminated.

Connect to your home network

20. Mount the display

Mount the display
Installation Complete

Congratulations you have now completed your ZEN installation and setup.

Review the quick start guide in the packaging for tips on using ZEN or watch this video:

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Have any further questions? Check out our FAQ

Advanced settings

Advanced configuration allows a professional HVAC installer to set more detailed system parameters.


Any changes made in advanced configuration will override basic configuration settings, so it recommended that only a knowledgeable HVAC installer use the Advanced settings.

Advanced settings ▶