New Commercial Regulations in Response to COVID-19 and Positioning Your Commercial Buildings for Immediate and Long-term Savings

With the world as we know it now starting to gradually open back up again, there are new standards going into effect to ensure the safety of the employees as well as customers, it is important that businesses comply in order to avoid any hefty fines.

ASHRAE announced the new regulations stating that commercial buildings must ventilate their facilities two hours prior, during, and after occupancy. This can be a concern for those commercial buildings that do not have the means to set schedules or remotely turn on/off HVAC ventilation.

There are numerous of different smart thermostats available out there, the question is, how do you choose? There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right thermostat for your commercial buildings.

User Friendly
Change can be difficult. It is important to find a thermostat that can be easily integrated but also fulfilling all your needs. A thermostat that you can easily set or change schedules, allow partial or full lockouts to avoid employee tampering, remote access, and the ability to set different user permissions and more!

When it comes to determining which thermostat to put into your building, looks should not be the deciding factor. However, it is a huge plus if the thermostat blends into the room and has all the qualities – and some – that you are looking for. The more a thermostat sticks out in a room, the more tempted people are to touch it.

Energy Efficiency
Typically, the main reason to look for a smart thermostat is to be able to control it remotely. However, why not get the most out of your thermostat. Look for a thermostat that is Energy Star Certified. Energy Star Certified thermostats assist in reducing energy consumption by up to 19%. By reducing your energy usage, you will yield a faster ROI.

Connected Platforms
Thermostats that pair with a smart, connected platform yield additional benefits. Not only can these platforms allow the user to control multiple sites in one convenient location, but some even provide energy data.

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