A Cool Money-Making Solution to a Dangerously Hot Issue

Hindsight over a lost opportunity to make money is a head-shaking occurrence. But when the opportunity to increase NOI & exceed an ROI is transparent, predictable, and automated, it’s the worst.

Before continuing, I must warn you, if energy bills & HVAC repairs are costs you consider essential goods & services, never looking at the auto-drafted amount, do skip this and go back to watching something funny on YouTube (you know you were there earlier).

However, if you’d like to reduce these costs with the click of a button, value adding to NOI while helping to alleviate the shutdown of assets and avoid compromising the safety & reliability of your operations, absolutely read on.

Over the next week, About 24.4 million people — 7 percent of the population of the contiguous United States — live in the areas expected to have dangerous levels of heat, and most of the rest of the country will experience levels of extreme caution, according to NOAA & the NYT.

Let’s use Texas as an example because I live here.. Howdy y’all, it is HOT! Proposed rolling blackouts have prompted everyone from the Governor’s office, news stations, and retail energy companies to ERCOT to send out a barrage of dire messages pleading for a decrease in usage to alleviate the strain on the energy grid to avoid a shutdown of electricity.

Right, you are thinking, “Yes I know this, I am sweating right now. How does this make me money?” Ever heard of a program called Demand Response? By enrolling your assets in this program, you’ll be paid money to reduce your usage. What if you could also be paid when you don’t reduce your usage, aka, by doing nothing?

In addition to reducing your energy costs & HVAC strain, Zen Ecosystem’s software suite will automatically manage money-making programs like DR for you and also offers carbon-reducing sustainability options that contribute to ESG goals, plus other value-added tools – all working together in our intuitive business ecosystem.

Check out Zen’s website, and contact us for more information today, and by next week you could correct any past head-shaking moments, going beyond high-fiving yourself or even better, getting that nod of approval from your company or board.
Not ready to save & make money this year? We can provide a quote to put into your soon-to-be-due 2023 budget. In the meantime, stay hydrated and updated.

Adam Paul