Making Hotel Guests More Comfortable With Energy Management

Hotels constantly seek new ways to make their guests more comfortable, incorporating amenities that increase comfort draws in new guests and keeps existing customers loyal to the brand.  These range from major initiatives, such as opening a premier on-site spa, to smaller ones, like leaving a morsel of chocolate on a guest’s pillow after the bed is turned.  These amenities come at a cost, and there is arguably no better investment than a hotel energy management system.  Outside of the immediate cost savings gained by more closely monitoring and augmenting your hotel’s environment to fit optimal conditions, guests will take note of these changes and return as repeat customers.

Hotel energy management systems control aspects of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting.  All equally important, they supplement one another to create an environment that delivers maximum comfortability. Lighting is far and away the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. Efficiency LED lighting technology is one step to building a more efficient system of hotel energy management.  Hotels can benefit immensely from bulbs that have longer lifespans and lower energy usage.  Plus, today’s LED systems are as flexible and beautiful as the incandescent lights that came before them:   LED systems can be customized to provide superior mood lighting.  Coupled with an energy management system, your lighting system can be programmed and flexible, both dimming and brightening rooms based on the time of day, year, event, and occupancy.

Once a guest arrives at your establishment, first impressions make all the difference.  Outside of friendly and accommodating staff, the lobby will leave a lasting mark on the guest’s experience.  This means that the lighting, climate, and air flow must all be at ideal conditions.  Of course, these conditions should be replicated in every corner of the building, from the basement to the penthouse.  Overall happiness will increase across the board, from the hotel staff to the guests alike.  Customers will spend more time eating and drinking in the hotel, because — why leave? Employees will benefit as well, working in an environment where they too are comfortable.

Hotel rooms, too, can benefit from hotel energy management.  Air conditioning running in empty rooms is a major and unnecessary influence on higher energy bills.  It’s critical that hotel guests are able to control their own room environments to their personal comfort as a key part of the hotel experience.  However, today’s hotel energy management solutions also prevent over-cooling and over-heating in empty rooms by allowing changes to thermostats only within a pre-set range, and for a specific duration of time.

Learn more about Zen HQ™, and how a sophisticated energy management system has the ability to lower overhead costs, reduce the unnecessary waste of resources, improve employee morale, and above all, make your guests’ stay exceptional.

Adam Paul