Energy management systems always seemed like they weren’t worth the hassle.

Zen HQ impressed us with its fast deployment and real return on investment.

– Energy Manager, National Stores

Easy-to-implement, affordable retail energy management system

Traditional retail energy management systems can be challenging to install and set up and costly to purchase and maintain. The substantial financial investment in these systems can often take years to pay back. Zen HQ is the answer: affordable, simple and can be installed in under a day, while still offering powerful management of HVAC and optionally, lighting. Retail users of Zen HQ often realize payback on their investment in under a year! It’s the perfect energy savings solution for your business. Learn more about pricing.

Create and alter HVAC schedules – remotely

Group thermostats allow you to set and apply schedules based on thermostat function – all from your computer. When stores are open late for the holidays or inventory counts, quickly override current HVAC settings without the need to visit the store via our HVAC scheduling software. Does the manager’s office run hot, while the store floor runs cold? Easily view current ambient temperature and make quick changes to ensure employee and customer comfort. See Zen HQ Features.

Prevent retail energy management changes – no guards required

When employees change thermostats, the result may be energy waste and increased maintenance cost from units accidentally left on. With Zen HQ, lock out thermostat changes entirely or allow for thermostat adjustments within a range of temperatures. Set thermostats to resume normal schedules after short deviations or require a PIN to make any changes. You have the flexibility to manage your retail environment as best suits your business. Learn more about Zen HQ.

Standard integration with utility demand response incentives

Unlock a stream of valuable incentives for even more savings. With standard integration with local utility demand response programs (if available), Zen HQ allows your business to earn incentives for cutting energy use during times of peak demand. Zen Ecosystems does all the work to apply to available utility programs and to manage your thermostats remotely during demand response events – all you need to do is choose Zen HQ to get started. See Zen HQ Features.