Zen HQ was surprisingly affordable; just controlling my HVAC systems leads to immediate energy savings. Zen HQ has also aided in reduced R&M cost due to the ability to monitor HVAC unit performance.

– Owner, SAS Restaurant Ventures, LLC

Easy-to-use Restaurant HVAC Controls

Restaurants have specific heating and cooling needs and preferences, and Zen HQ is uniquely tailored to meet those needs. Zen HQ combines award-winning smart thermostats with a powerful software solution to manage them. From quick service to fine dining, Zen HQ is used by establishments of all types and sizes to prevent thermostat changes and prevent costly and uncomfortable HVAC issues.  Learn More about Zen HQ.

Affordable thermostat control with fast payback

Traditional restaurant management HVAC systems are costly and often too cumbersome for ease of use in restaurants with only three or four thermostats, while smart thermostats for homes don’t allow for centralized control of devices across multiple locations. Zen HQ is different. As streamlined as home thermostats but with powerful, remote controls, Zen HQ provides an easy system for managing all restaurant thermostats at a surprisingly affordable price point. View Zen HQ pricing information.

We chose Zen HQ because, compared to other systems, it was much more multi-restaurant friendly – lots of others make thermostats, but the Zen HQ system really suited our businesses needs and helps me easily manage the HVAC at my multiple locations.

– Owner, Multiple Jack In the Box franchises

Prevent thermostat tampering

Employee changes to thermostats, particularly in warm restaurant kitchens, can result in energy waste or even cooling unit problems, if left unchecked. Traditionally the solution to this has been cumbersome thermostat guards, but those don’t allow easy changes when they’re really needed. Zen HQ includes smart commercial thermostats that allow for full or partial thermostat lockouts to ensure that thermostats are only altered within a range or by a user with a specific PIN. This prevents energy waste, while still allowing the flexibility restaurants need if it gets too hot in the kitchen or too cold in the dining room! See Zen HQ’s features.


Restaurant owners or facility managers can’t be on-site all the time to verify that the HVAC is working optimally. With Zen HQ, view real-time temperatures to ensure that employees and customers alike are comfortable. Learn More.

Lighting Controls for Even More Energy Savings

When you’re ready for even more control over restaurant building systems, Zen HQ allows for easy integration of lighting controls. Use the simple Zen HQ platform to set lighting schedules and turn lights on and off remotely to prevent unnecessary electricity use from lights accidentally left on. See Zen HQ’s features.