Affordable energy management for your whole building portfolio

Energy management systems have traditionally been a luxury that only the largest of building portfolio managers could justify.   Zen HQ provides simple and affordable building systems management that is easy to install and convenient to manage.

Gone are the days of off-site management of building systems by third party energy companies.  Take control of your own energy controls using simple, intuitive software that can be accessed from wherever you are – no third-party management needed.

Eliminate thermostat guards for good

Inside tenant suites, the temperature of the office can be a balancing act – suite occupant comfort is subjective, and small changes to weather conditions can trigger tenant complaints.

Zen HQ provides an insightful platform to allow building managers to review current suite conditions and make remote adjustments without ever sending a maintenance person, saving time and money.

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Enhance your savings with lighting controls

Lighting is the largest use of electricity in commercial buildings in the US, according to the EIA.  With Zen HQ, manage your lighting systems with the same intuitive platform that controls HVAC systems.  Set schedules to reduce energy waste after hours, or view real-time on/off status and make adjustments all from your computer or smart phone.

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View real-time and historical building performance reporting

Enhance your understanding of building performance with Zen HQ’s powerful reporting.  View historical information about HVAC and lighting performance, or add real-time energy use monitoring for even more insights.  With Zen HQ, information equips building and portfolio managers to optimize energy usage, better maintain building systems, and eliminate building energy waste, resulting in ongoing energy savings.

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