Introducing Zen Thermostat

Zen Thermostat is the simple, smart thermostat that doesn’t believe it’s smarter than you. Beautifully integrated to any décor, Zen Thermostat allows you to intuitively manage your home comfort. It is even ENERGY STAR Certified!

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Zen Thermostat – ZigBee edition

The ZigBee edition of Zen Thermostat connects easily to home automation hubs, allowing you to easily integrate home comfort control with the remainder of your smart home devices.

Once connected to your hub, use Zen Thermostat with your existing home automation app to make changes to thermostat settings on the go.

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Zen Thermostat – Wi-Fi Edition

The Wi-Fi edition of Zen Thermostat requires no extra home hardware, and connects easily to your existing home Wi-Fi.

With the Zen Thermostat Wi-Fi edition app, set advanced thermostat schedules and make changes to thermostat set points, all using your iPhone or Android device.

Use the simple-to-follow app-based installation to install your own thermostat, then enjoy the comfort and ease of home heating and cooling management on the go.

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Easy compatibility with most HVAC systems

Whether you choose to connect and operate Zen Thermostat using ZigBee or Wi-Fi, the device is highly compatible with most home heating and cooling systems commonly found in the US and Canada. Zen Thermostat supports hundreds of different heating and cooling systems configurations to allow for a completely customized one-time setup that easily manages whatever equipment a home may have.

Have questions about compatibility with your HVAC or home automation system? Visit our Compatibility Checker to see if your system is compatible with Zen Thermostat.