Easy Energy Controls for Dealerships

Chances are that your dealership isn’t spending a lot of time thinking about ‘energy management’ – and yet, chances are that the cost of heating, cooling and lighting your showroom and service areas are one of the most substantial costs associated with your business.

With Zen HQ, there’s no need for complicated systems or cumbersome management tools; the simple platform gives you powerful control of lighting and HVAC systems and schedules. Lock out employee changes, create pre-set schedules, or make changes remotely. Zen HQ’s software is easy to use from wherever you are.

Fast installation with fast payback

Your business can’t afford downtime for a complicated installation. Zen HQ can be installed in your dealership in under a day, while your business remains open for business! That means that you can start saving energy fast.

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Automate HVAC schedules

Service and sales keep separate schedules, so why don’t your thermostats? With Zen HQ, easily group thermostats according to your business hours and functions, then set schedules and make changes that suit your business needs. Want to give the service team more flexibility to make thermostat changes on hot days? Set a partial lockout to allow for changes to HVAC settings within a set range, while keeping sales floor thermostats locked to employee changes.

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Add lighting controls to increase your energy savings

It’s important that your showroom shows off your merchandise in the best light. But, when lighting isn’t controlled, those lights may be left on overnight, wasting energy and running up bills. Add lighting controls to the same simple Zen HQ platform to schedule and manage lighting as easily as thermostats for enhanced control over electricity costs.

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